Advocates for California High-Speed Rail Accountability Ask California Supreme Court to Review Appeals Court Decision

John Tos, Aaron Fukuda, and the County of Kings have asked the California Supreme Court to review a July 31, 2014 decision of the Court of Appeal, Third Appellate District that would allow the State of California to borrow $8,599,715,000 for California High-Speed Rail construction.

The decision was a victory for Governor Brown and the California High-Speed Rail Authority. The appeals court reversed decisions of a Sacramento County Superior Court judge in 2013 that determined the state could not sell Prop 1A bonds. The two cases in question are John Tos et al. v. California High-Speed Rail Authority et al. (Case No. 34-2011-0113919-CU-MC-GDS) and California High-Speed Rail Authority et al. v. All Persons Interested (Case No. 34-2013-00140689-CU-MC-GDS).

Approved by 52.7% of voters in November 2008, Proposition 1A authorizes the state to issue $9.95 billion in bonds for California High-Speed Rail and connectivity projects. Petitioners argue that the state has violated the conditions of Proposition 1A and therefore does not have the authority to borrow money under Prop. 1A.

Key Documents:

September 1, 2014 Tos / Fukuda / Kings County Petition to California Supreme Court for Review of California High-Speed Rail Decisions

July 31, 2014 California Appeals Court Decision in Favor of California High-Speed Rail Authority